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The next generation, virtual reality, MMORPG. ALTUNA has been in development for three years, and during that time a small group of you have bonded over your mutual fascination with a game that promises you an alternate life. Your first night in the game delivers on the promise of a fully immersive experience, as you don’t just control but become your character.

Life outside Altuna

You are Sophomores at Ridgemont High School, in Ridgemont California. Ridgemont is a suburb of San Diego, and it characterized by its year round warm (hot) weather. A large military base is located nearby, and many of the kids in your school have parents employed by the government. Until recently, the town has suffered from a lack of jobs and opportunity. The Altuna parent company, Altered Deck, changed that. Their headquarters is located nearby. The presence and the popularity of the game has supplied an influx of jobs and cash into the area.